Whether Anna’s role is to present performers, interview speakers, or maintain the pace of the evening, she keeps the audience engaged and your event alive. As a professional moderator she keeps dialogues in flow, enforces any rules of a debate or panel, and ensures that all parties are able to share their thoughts.

Sharp, businesslike and accessible

Anna gets an audience moving easily and her style can be characterized as sharp and businesslike, in an accessible way. Clients indicate that they value her structured way of working, energy and enthusiasm. Anna can be used for Dutch and English assignments.

Advice during preparation

In the preparation a pre-discussion takes place, in which Anna and you further zoom in on the purpose of the meeting, which methods are the most suitable, which speakers have already been booked and what the program will look like. Naturally Anna reads more about the subject and she has conversations with speakers and interviewees.

Variety of methods

Are you going for a debate or a discussion? A lower house debate or a panel debate? How many experts are needed? How do you involve the audience in a topic? Do you want to use digital tools? And how does the follow-up work? Anna is happy to think along with you about the right working method. And then she helps you, if propositions are needed, to formulate good, provocative propositions.

Anna regularly provides training for The Successful Day Chair for the Netherlands Debate Institute.

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