Anna: 'I provide day presidencies and training throughout the country (and also abroad). I always like to come to new places and I like to come to you. If the travel time is a bit longer and we start early, I will make sure that I stay in the neighborhood in advance. '
A nice overview of companies that Anna worked for is at the bottom of this page (it takes a while to scroll). Among Anna's clients: corporates, SMEs, startups, housing associations, educational institutions, government and sometimes also private individuals for coaching.
Workshops usually last half a day or a day. If you want to work on pitches for two days, that is of course also possible. Or if you only have 45 minutes, Anna can arrange a power boost Pitchen. Clients regularly combine a workshop with coaching. The times are then planned in consultation.
Certainly! On this page you will find more information about coaching.
It is handy to have a flipchart and screen with HDMI connection in the room. Anna takes her laptop (with HDMI connection) and all workshop materials with her.
That is certainly possible! Anna has a pro-license for Mentimeter that can be used and she also has experience with, among others, Sli.do, Kahoot and BuzzMaster. Anna is happy to help you come up with suitable propositions and questions for the tools, so that they can be used optimally during the meeting.
Anna: 'Certainly! The first four years my company was based in Bucharest, where I took care of all the training and day presidencies in English, the Dutch only later. About 50% of all training courses that I provide are in English. "

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